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Italian shoppers enjoy General Mills products that include Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Green Giant sweet corn, Old El Paso Mexican meals, Pillsbury pastries and Betty

Betty Crocker
Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition, desserts are simple to make with the dessert mixes of Betty Crocker.

Try the range that includes chocolate and blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, chocolate fudge brownie and devil’s food chocolate cake.

Green Giant
From the small grocery stores to the big hypermarkets, Green Giant offers sweet corn products, asparagus and artichoke hearts.

Carefully cultivated and selected, Green Giant vegetables can be distinguished by their high quality and fresh taste.

The brand has become one of the world's leading super premium ice creams.

Launched in Italy in 1992, it has grown increasingly popular for its quality, creaminess, originality, fine ingredients and innovation.

Nature Valley
Since 1975, people have enjoyed the great taste and crunchiness of Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars. When the brand debuted, Nature Valley created the granola bar category.

Old El Paso
It's fun and easy to prepare traditional Mexican meals such as fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and tacos with Old El Paso.

This leading brand offers a full range of Mexican products that include kits, tortillas, tortilla chips, dips and cooking sauces. Old El Paso brings home the Mexican food and mood.

Enjoy homemade taste and oven-cooked aroma in less time with Pillsbury pastry products. These include puff pastry, filo pastry, shortcrust pastry, sweet dessert pastry and vol-au-vents. Find them in the freezer section.